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Friday, February 27, 2009

Target Clearance Rules!!!!

I went to 2 different Target stores on Wednesday, and found tons of clearance! Needless to say, my hubby doesn't need boxers for a very long time :)

Here's how I did:

2 pkgs. of Fruit of the Loom Boxers $2.62/each (marked down from $10.49)
1 pkg. of Hanes Boxers $2.74 (marked down from $10.99)
8 pkgs. of Target brand boxers $1.98/each (marked down from $7.99)
1 pkg. Hanes premium t-shirts $2.24 (marked down from $8.99)
4 Gillette trial sized body washes $0.48/each (marked down from $0.99, had $2/2 Q)
2 Purell trail sized $0.99/each (had $2/2 Q)
2 Nabisco Ritz hand held packages $1.00/each (had $2/2 Q)
9 pkgs. of Kotex pads $2.94/each (had $2/1 Target Q, $1/1 MQ's)
9 pkgs. of Kotex pantyliners $2.94/each (had $2/1 Target Q, $0.75/1 MQ's)
12 Dove trial sized deodorants $0.97/each (had $1.50/2 Q's)
1 Satin Care shaving cream trial sized $0.99 (had $1/1 Q)

Saved: over $150
Spent: about $35

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My 2 day craziness

So this is how I did on Saturday and Sunday, between Rite Aid, Kohls, CVS, Kmart, and Walgreens. I hope I didn't forget anything.

CVS (1 transaction):
(1) Tylenol Allergy (clearance for $1.82, had $1/1 Q)
(4) Cotton Rounds ($0.99, had $1/1 Q, rec'd $1 ECB for each one)
Spent $0.86, Saved $10.47

Rite Aid (11 transactions at different stores):
(11) Jumbo packs of Pampers ($10.49, had $1/1 Q for all but 1)
(11) One Touch Meters ($19.99, had 11 up to $20 Q's)
(1) Green Tea for my hubby $1.49(he was complaining)
Also used 11 $10/$30 RA Q
Spent $8.10, Saved $356.39

Kohls (2 transactions):
(1) Easter Dress for Lexi $14.40
(1) PJs for Jayden $8.00 (18 mo. and they are only a little big!)
Used $5 Q for each
Spent $12.99, Saved $31.01

Walgreens (1 transaction):
(9) Reynold's Wrap $0.89 with in ad Q (had 9 $1/1 MQs)
(1) Excedrin $1.99 (had $1/1 MQ, rec'd $1 RR)
(4) Ramen Noodle Soup $1.00 (needed a filler)
Spent $1.70, Saved $20

Kmart (5 transactions):
(3) Rubbermaid 21 gallon totes $3.99 (had $1/1 Q's, in wrong spot, manager adjusted)
(10) Gillette Body Wash $4.50 (had $2/1 Q's)
(14) Head & shoulders $4.50 (had $1.50/1 Q's)
(1) Cottonelle wipes Refill $4.69 (had $1/1 Q)
(12) Fruit Rolls Ups $2.00 (had $1/2 Q's, got a $5 GC out of 1, and when you bought so much of these and fruit snacks, you got $$ off your next transaction)
(12) Fruit Snacks $2.00 (had $1/2 Q's)
(9) Sure Deodorant $2.29 (for my mom, had $1/1 Q's)
(1) KY Jelly $3.99 (had $2/1 Q)
(1) Sunsilk Shampoo $3.00 (had $1/1 Q)
(1) Sunsilk Conditioner $3.00 (had $1/1 Q)
(2) Sunsilk Stylers $3.00 (had $1/1 Q's)
(1) Zipper Binder on clearance $1.50!!!!!
(1) Mechanical Pencils on clearance $1.00
(1) Littlest Pet Shop on clearance $2.50 (Lexi loves these!)
(1) Suave Lotion $2.50 (had $1/1 Q)
(1) A&D $5.19 (had $2/1 Q, this rang up $1.19 more than the shelf tag, but I didn't notice till I got home)
(1) BIC disposable razors $3.99 (had $2/1 Q)
(1) Desitin $5.99 (had $2/1 Q)
(1) Jergens Lotion $1.79 (had $1/1 Q)
(1) St. Joseph's Aspirin $2.29 (had $1/1 Q)
(2) Hall's $1 (had $1/2 Q)
(3) Endust $3.29 (had $2/1 Q)
(1) Softsoap Bodywash $3.99 (had $1/1 Q)
(1) Windex wipes $2.79 (had $1.50/1 Q)
(1) Charmin wipes Refill $2.00 (had $1/1 Q)
(1) Dawn plus hand renewal $2.99 (had $1.50/1 Q)
(1) J&J 1st Aid Gauze Pads $1.69 (had $1/1 Q)
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles Bath wipes $2.79 (had $1/1 Q
(2) Peppermint Patties (none of the sales were posted, so ended up needing fillers in the 1st trans.)
Also used 4 $5/$50 Q's, and 3 $3.50 Q's from the BC fruit snacks
Spent $50, Saved $351.69

I was there when Kmart opened and they were out of a lot of items. And also, a few things that I planned on getting were higher priced than what they were mentioned on here. I didn't realize I had enough stuff for 5 transactions, and I only printed 4 $5/$50 so I could've used that too, but all in all I did pretty good. I know the H & S was almost 1/2 of my total too ($21 worth) but $1.50 each is a good price and my hubby uses it like there's no tomorrow. I'm hoping to go back on Friday as I still have tons of Q's (that's what I did last doubles and they were restocking) so hopefully my savings will be higher.

Total Spent: $73.65 (and have $1 RR and $4 ECBs to spend in the future)
Total Saved: $769.56, about 91%!

I didn't take pictures because I put most of it away before I thought about it.

The sad thing is, I thought I'd be all shopped out, but I'm still on a high from Kmart and Rite Aid!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

My crazy kids

Well, these are my crazy kids. My son who likes to sit up in his bouncer and also try to get out of it, and my daughter who loves being in the spotlight dancing! My son was attempting to reach toys that he had dropped in these pictures and my daughter is dancing with my mother and my sister is filming (I was out shopping during this). Don't mind my messy house in the pictures.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I <3 CVS!

So, thanks to AFullCup, I learned about this great hidden Neutrogena deal if you purchase 2 of the bar soaps, you get $10 ECB back. So this is my latest savings at CVS:

(1) Tylenol Allergy Multi-Symptom
originally $7.29 clearanced to $1.82
(2) Neutrogena bars
(4) SkinEffects Lip Magnifier
originally $19.99 clearanced to $5.00/each
(2) Always Infinity 18 ct.

-$1/1 Q for Tylenol
-(2) $1/1 Q's for Neutrogena
-(4) $2/1 CVS Q's for SkinEffects
-(2) FREE Always Infinity 18 ct.
-$4 ECB from Gillette Razor deal

Total w/tax: $15.07
Saved: $92.41
Rec'd $10 ECB back

I would've bought more Tylenol, but I only had one Q good for the Allergy Pills. They were also out of almost everything I wanted to get, and I only had about 1/2 hour to shop. All in all, still pretty good!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My latest damages

So I finally went to Target today to do the Juicy Juice deal, but once again I had issues at the register. Here's how I did:

(2) Cascade Rinse $6.28
(1) Travel Size Downy $0.84 (clearance from $0.99)
(4) Travel Size All Small & Mighty $4.08
(4) Travel Size Tide $3.88
(1) 6-pk. socks $3.99
(2) 3-pks. of boxers $7.96 (clearance from $7.99)
(1) Pair of sweatpants for my sister $13.98
(1) Christina Aguilera's new CD $13.98
(6) Pepperidge Farm Goldfish $9.96
(4) Pop Tarts $6.68
(6) Reusable Target Bags $8.94
(1) Axe Body Spray $3.38 (clearance from $3.99)
(4) Travel Size Dove Deodorant $3.88
(13) Bausch & Lomb's Soothing Eye Drops $12.87
(30) 8-pks. of Juicy Juice $56.40

-(2) Free Cascade MQ's $3.14 each
-(1) $0.20/1 Downy MQ
-(2) $1.00/2 All MQ's
-(2) $1.00/1 Tide MQ's
-(1) $1.00/2 Tide MQ
-(6) $1.00/1 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Target Q's
-(4) $1.00/1 Pop Tarts MQ's
-(2) $1.00/2 Pop Tarts Target Q's
-(6) Free Target Reusable Bags WYB 5 Nestle Products Target Q's
-(2) $1.50/2 Dove MQ's
-(11) $3.00/1 Bausch & Lomb's Soothing Eye Drops MQ's
-(2) $2.00/1 Bausch & Lomb's Soothing Eye Drops MQ's
-(15) $1.00/2 Juicy Juice MQ's
-(15) $1.00/2 Juicy Juice Target Q's
-$14 I got back in cash from my sister for the pants when I dropped her off

Subtotal: $157.07 Before Q's
After Q's: $40.65 (over 75% Savings!!!!)
*My totals do not include tax

The only thing is, I asked the cashier for a rain check for 10 more Juicy Juice products as the sale ended today, and told her just to put it in one of the bags (I was busy putting stuff on the conveyor belt) and she never did. She also forgot $7.50 worth of coupons (I added them into the totals ^ though). I will be going back tomorrow to ask for my rain check and the amount of coupons that were missing. I would've went back tonight, but it took the cashier so long with my coupons that the store was closed by the time I was done cashing out (she asked a manager how to adjust them down to the price and the manager didn't know so they stared at the register for a while). I always have a problem with this manager anyways, so hopefully it will be a different manager tomorrow. I might post a picture if I get ambitious enough to try to put it all away. Oh yeah, and there are $2.00/1 MQ's inside all of the Bausch & Lomb's boxes, so more overage until they figure out how to fix it! YAY!

*The CD isn't pictured as I was already listening to it :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Coupon Swap

For those of you who don't know, I was involved in a coupon swap yesterday through a local moms group. I was asked to speak about couponing at this event as well. Here is the original link: Momslikeme.com

They should be posting a video soon as well, so I'll upload that when they do.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Coupon Binder

Here's some pictures of my coupon binder. I'll go more into detail in a little bit about it.