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Friday, February 27, 2009

Target Clearance Rules!!!!

I went to 2 different Target stores on Wednesday, and found tons of clearance! Needless to say, my hubby doesn't need boxers for a very long time :)

Here's how I did:

2 pkgs. of Fruit of the Loom Boxers $2.62/each (marked down from $10.49)
1 pkg. of Hanes Boxers $2.74 (marked down from $10.99)
8 pkgs. of Target brand boxers $1.98/each (marked down from $7.99)
1 pkg. Hanes premium t-shirts $2.24 (marked down from $8.99)
4 Gillette trial sized body washes $0.48/each (marked down from $0.99, had $2/2 Q)
2 Purell trail sized $0.99/each (had $2/2 Q)
2 Nabisco Ritz hand held packages $1.00/each (had $2/2 Q)
9 pkgs. of Kotex pads $2.94/each (had $2/1 Target Q, $1/1 MQ's)
9 pkgs. of Kotex pantyliners $2.94/each (had $2/1 Target Q, $0.75/1 MQ's)
12 Dove trial sized deodorants $0.97/each (had $1.50/2 Q's)
1 Satin Care shaving cream trial sized $0.99 (had $1/1 Q)

Saved: over $150
Spent: about $35


Cinnamon said...

I wish we had a Target closer to me, sounds like you got some great deals!!

Stopping by from AFC