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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Bare Escentuals' Matte Foundation from Sephora

Take this coupon to Sephora inside any JC Penney store to get a 10 day sample of Bare Escentuals' new matte foundation plus a baby buki brush. Limit 1 per person, while supplies last. If we are out, we'll give you a free custom sample of anything you'd like.

Thanks to Wynette at Cajun Coupon Queen's Coupons and Deals to Geaux! for the original post!

Free Seattle's Best Coffee at Border's

If you are out shopping stop in at Borders and pick up your free 12 oz drink at Borders from Seattle's Best. Print your coupon here.

Thanks to Wynette at Cajun Coupon Queen Coupons and Deals to Geaux! for originally posting.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wegmans Policies

There is a long list of store policies listed here, sorry but it's too long to list. I would highly recommend looking for your State and going from there to get the most accurate policies to your stores.

Save-A-Lot Coupon Policy

Does Save-A-Lot accept coupons?

Yes. Save-A-Lot honors manufacturer coupons for national brand items carried in our stores. Coupons should be used by the expiration date listed.

BJ's Coupon Policy

Dear XXXX,

Yes, we do accept " ALL " manufacture coupons even the ones printed
online as long as they do not look like they are copied. If you have any
problems, please call into our member care department at 1 800 BJ'S CLUB
(1-800-257-2582) and we can assist you.


BJ's Member Care Services

E-mail: MemberCare@bjs.accentonline.com
Club Inquires: 1 800 BJS CLUB (1-800-257-2582)
Online Order Inquiries: 1 866 4BJS WEB (1-866-425-7932)
Hours: M-F 8AM-6PM, S-S 9AM-6PM ET
It's All About Savings

Family Dollar Coupon Policy

We do accept manufacturers coupons. They can not be expired, they can not be coupled with other coupons. We do not accept internet coupons. However, there are no limits as to how many items can be purchased. And lastly, We do not accept coupons for more than the purchase price. Thank You.

Dollar General Coupon Policy

Dollar General is pleased to accept manufacturer coupons at any of our more than 8,100 stores. If you have five coupons for five products, you may use them in one transaction unless the coupon states otherwise. If the coupon states that it is good for any product, you may use the coupon for any product even if it is not pictured, unless the coupon states otherwise.

You may use a Dollar General coupon along with a Manufacturer's coupon for the same item, as long as neither coupon states otherwise. Unfortunately, due to fraudulent attempts, we are unable to accept internet coupons, unless they were e-mailed to you directly from Dollar General.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and welcome any opportunity we have to serve you in the future. You are a valued customer here at Dollar General.

Kind regards, XXXXX

Tops Coupon Policy

You can find Tops' Coupon Policy here

Double Manufacturers' Coupons Policy:

Customers with a Tops Bonuscard will recieve double the value of their manufacturers' coupons with a face value of up to 99 cents. Coupons with a face value of $1.00 or more will be redeemed at face value. The double coupon policy does not apply to customers without a Tops Bonuscard, free coupons, manufacturers' coupons that state "Do Not Double", in-store coupons, or other retailers' in-store coupons. We reserve the right to limit four (4) double coupons per same item, per day, per customer.

Internet Coupons Policy:

Customers with a Tops Bonuscard may redeem coupons that have been printed from the internet. We do not accept coupons for free products, or those with a value greater than $5.00. We reserve the right to refuse any internet coupon that appears fradulent.

All coupon redemptions are subject to the discretion of the store manager.

Kmart Coupon Policy

K-Mart does not have a set corporate coupon policy. They do accept one manufacturers' coupon and one K-Mart coupon on the same item, and they occasionally do double coupons (i.e. a $2 coupon would double to $4).

Wal-Mart Price Match Policy

Wal-Mart's Price Match Policy can be found here

Our goal is always to be the low price leader in every community where we operate. Our customers trust us to have every day low prices ... there's no need for "special sales."

Our unbeatable promise:

Store managers make the final decision in always taking care of our customers, but we do have guidelines for matching our competition.

  • We do honor "Preferred Shopping Card" advertised prices. Must be like items, be advertised and require a competitor's shopping card, for the discount to apply.
  • We do not honor advertisements that require a purchase in order to receive the advertised price or free product.
  • We do not honor "Buy One / Get One Free" advertisements.
  • We do not honor double or triple coupons or percent off advertisements.
  • We do not honor other retailers' "Misprinted" advertised prices.
  • We do not honor Internet Pricing.
  • We do not honor competitor advertisements from outside of the store's or Club's local trade territory.

Wal-Mart Coupon Policy

You can find Wal-Mart's Coupon Policy here

Wal-Mart accepts the following types of coupons (see guidelines below):

  • Manufacturer coupons (Cents Off)
  • Free merchandise (or manufacturer's Buy-One-Get-One-Free) coupons
  • Store coupons
  • Pharmacy (Advertising and Promotional) coupons
  • Internet coupons
  • Soft drink container caps

The following are guidelines and limits:

  • Wal-Mart only accepts coupons for merchandise we sell and only when presented at the time of purchase.
  • Coupons should have an expiration date and be presented within the valid dates. Wal-Mart will not accept expired coupons.
  • Internet coupons should be legible and say "Manufacturer Coupon." There should be a valid remit address for the manufacturer and a scannable bar code.
  • Only one coupon per item is permitted.
  • Use of 40 or more coupons per transaction will require approval by Customer Service Manager.

Target Coupon Policy

Coupons are a great way to save even more when shopping at Target stores, and we make it easy to use them at our stores. But because of the variety of coupons available to our guests, we do have some guidelines for how coupons can be redeemed at Target:

-We accept two kinds of coupons: Target-issued coupons and manufacturer-issued coupons.
-We'll accept one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.
-We can't give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item; in that case, we'll adjust the value of the coupon to equal the price of the item.
-We can't accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in our stores.

All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier at the time of sale.

The store has right to limit the number of items a guest buys with coupons and that store has determined their limit is one. We reserve the right to limit purchases to reasonable family-size quantities.

Have questions or want more information about using coupons at Target? Check with a Guest Services Team Leader at your local store. You can also give us a call at (800) 440-0680, or visit us on Target.com. Either way, we're here to help!

Thanks for shopping with us. We'll see you again soon at Target.


Target Guest Relations

Walgreens Coupon Policy

Dear Julie,

Thank you for taking your time to contact our Corporate Offices. We appreciate hearing from our customers and value all comments received.

Walgreen stores accept a variety of coupons everyday. The coupons fall into two categories:

#1. Walgreens issued coupons and
#2. Manufacturer issued coupons

The following are some guidelines for accepting these types of coupons.

We will accept one Walgreen issued coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits such use.

Walgreens Roto Ad coupons, IVC (Instant Value Coupon) coupons, and a manufacturers coupon can be used towards the purchase of any one item.

Walgreens does not provide cash back if a coupon is presented for more than the purchase value of the item.

Walgreens does not accept coupons from other retailers or coupons for products not carried in our stores. All valid coupons must be presented to the cashier at the time of sale.

When purchasing a Buy 1 Get 1 free item, only one coupon can be applied towards the purchase because the customer is only purchasing one item.

If a coupon states good on any size of the product and does not specifically exclude trail sizes of this product, the coupon can be used to purchase trial sized products.

Internet coupons can be accepted whether they are printed in color or in black and white. Walgreens does not accept expired coupons. As a company we do not price match.

If an item that was purchased with a coupon is returned, we will refund theprice paid by the customer. Example: If the item retail was $1.49 and the manufacturers coupon was $.25 off, we would refund $1.24.

Again, thank you for letting us know about your satisfaction. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Supervisor, Consumer Relations

Rite Aid Coupon Policy

All coupons must have a valid expiration date. Manufacture coupons are limited to one an item. Rite Aid in-house coupons that begin with RC48 and RC49 in the barcodes can be used with a manufacturer's coupon. Competitor's in-house coupons are not honored at any Rite Aid store. Some manufacturers coupons do not have a specific set price on them - it will be up to what the item costs or a certain dollar amount and must be written in by cashier. Internet coupons will only be accepted, if they are Rite Aid coupons printed from our website.

CVS Coupon Policy

Dear Julie:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding CVS/pharmacy. I would like to provide you with an answer to your question regarding the coupon policy.

Our registers are set to allow 1 CVS coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item. However, the staff should be allowing customers to use Extra Bucks in combination with other CVS coupons since these are coupons you have “earned.” In addition, similarly they should be allowing the use of one “offer at the register” coupon which would be an open offer of $3 off of $15 or a certain dollar amount off of a specific item. Since our registers are programmed to only accept 2 coupons (1 CVS, 1 manufacturer) per item if the number of coupons exceed the items purchased a member of management will need to assist the cashier in processing the coupons. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

CVS/pharmacy will accept coupons printed from the Internet. They must have a legible barcode that scans at the register.

If the coupon does not scan at the register, the cashier should politely inform you that we are unable to accept your coupon. We do not allow manual overrides at the register for coupons printed from the Internet.

CVS/pharmacy will not accept offers printed from unauthorized internet postings or reproductions, copies, or facsimiles.

When an item is on sale for buy one, get one free and the customer has a buy one get one free coupon for that same product, the coupon will be accepted and both items will essentially become free (plus any applicable sales tax).

Also, two manufacturer coupons can be used on a buy one get one free purchase as long as two items are scanned at the register. The system logic sees 2 items scanned and will allow 2 coupons.

CVS does not price match with other stores.

If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for taking the time to contact CVS/pharmacy.

Customer Relations

Dear Julie:

Thank you for your email.

I would like to answer your questions:

1. If I have a coupon that exceeds the amount of the product, can the coupon be adjusted down to make the item free? I do understand that I would still have to pay any applicable taxes on the item.


2. Is there a limit of the amount of coupons you can use per day/transaction/person?

Only one CVS coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon can be used per item. The store has the ability to set a quantity limit. Please speak to your local CVS Management Team for their store policy.

3. Can I use a coupon on a clearance item?


4. Do you give rainchecks on items that produce ECBs?

As long as the item qualifies for a raincheck, yes, a raincheck can be given for ECB items. The raincheck will be written for the price of the item minus the ECBs.

5. What is the limit on rainchecks per item, and how many can you use in one transaction when redeeming these?

The individual store Management Team uses their discretion when deciding what the raincheck limit would be on individual items. Please see your CVS Management Team for the item in question. There is no limit to the amount of rainchecks being redeemed in a transaction.

I hope you find this information to be helpful.


Customer Relations

Best Toddler Bib Ever

When I had my baby shower for my daughter, a friend of mine's mother gave me a few bibs like this. To this day, I still use them and they are my absolute favorite bibs of all time. I wish I was crafty because I'd definitely make more of these. Hopefully, you'll like them as much as I do. Here is the original post over at Cheaper by the Dozen and Get One Free: Valentine's Day Toddler Bib--Easy Instructions

"I found a two pack of Valentine Dish Towels and made this Toddler Bib for my Granddaughter for Valentines Day. Years ago, I found that Hand towels made the most absorbent bibs and saved the kids expensive clothing from stains. It is an easy Sewing Project for even the beginner sewer.
I watch for designer embroidered hand towels on the clearance racks, and often I find that I can pick up amazingly cute holiday bibs for each season. My latest two favorites a Cars and Pink Disney Princess Embroidered Hand Towels I found on clearance for $2.13 each.
This heart towel is from Target in a 2/pack for $3.99. Tomorrow after Valentines Day will be half price. Pastel Hearts will work year round. Total cost for 2 bibs $4.25 and I have found that my bibs last for years. This size will fit a toddler all the way to Kindegarten.

You need.. A hand thick Hand Towel and an 1/8 yard of Coordinating Ribbing, Sewing Machine, and pins.

1. Get a head measurement, I used a piece of ribbon to cut it to size and then found a lid or bowl the correct size. Then I made a pattern of the circle on paper and cut it out.
2. I folded the circle in quarters to find the center, where I made a dot.
3. Take the towel and take the top end, measure down 8 inches on each long side. (That will be top of the bib and will be folded there once the ribbing is placed).
Then fold in half again on to find the middle between the pins and place a pin (8 inches again from the top end). This is the center of the towel. Mark the center spot with a pin or marking pen.
4. Take your paper circle and put the marked center 1/2 inch down from the center pin.
5. Pin paper pattern in place and cut out neck opening.
6. Cut ribbing with one side on the fold (left) a piece 8 inches by 3 1/2 inches wide. Stitch the cut end (right) using l/4 inch seam allowance.
7. Turn Right Side Out and fold in half-- Seam will be in the inside.
8. Then place a pin in the Center Back Ribbing(seam), Center Front, and then with matching the front and back pins, in each side
9. Fold the Towel in half the long way to find the Center Back and the Center Front, Place a pin to mark each spot, then match up the front and back pins to find each of the two sides.
10. Match up the ribbing on to the right side of the towel, matching up the pins. The Center Back pins first.
11. Sew the ribbing to the towel with the ribbing on top with a 1/4inch seam allowance (about the width of the presser foot). Stretch the ribbing into place as you go.
12. Use zig zag stich in the seam allowance to help the ribbing lay flat.
13. Folding the top of the towel down 8 inches (right sides out). Stitch along each side beginning about 7 inches from the top for about an inch along the edge to form the sleeve openings on each side.
This project is easy and with mastering how to put in a ribbing, you can also make a simple baby bib using a cute fingertip guest towel using a smaller ribbing."

Cute Idea for Plastic Bags

This is the cutest idea ever for storing plastic bags (Thanks Laura for mentioning this!).

It definitely reminds me of the paper footballs I used to make in high school. I normally just use my reusable cloth shopping bags and bring the plastic bags back to the recycling bins at the grocery store, but this is definitely a cute way to store the plastic bags we use for the bathroom garbage and dirty diapers/clothes when we're out and about. Here is the original post over at Cafe Munchkin: Plastic Grocery Bag Origami.

"Here is where we keep our plastic grocery bags. We’ve got loads of it! This little cabinet used to be filled with plastic bags that we can no longer see the back. We even forgot that we kept phone directories here! It was just packed!
It was transformed to this when relatives came to visit us last month.
Tito (Uncle) Kit, hubby’s uncle priest, taught us a method of neatly folding the grocery bags, something he learned from the seminary. And this cabinet looking like this now is his handy work. He folded most of the plastic bags all by himself with very little help from hubby and me. Hee hee. :) Do we follow this method now? As much as we can. :) Or, we simply keep the bags somewhere else. Hahaha!

Here’s the step by step guide to plastic bag folding:

1. Lay the plastic bag likeso on a flat surface with the print on top.

2. Fold it in half.
3. Fold it in half again.
4. Pull up the lower left corner of the bag and fold it in an angle likeso…making a triangle.
5. Work your way up keeping the traingle pattern that you’ve already got going until you reach the bag handles. :)

6. Tuck the bag handles in the pocket on one side of the triangle.
7. Tadaaa!
There. You can do this while watching tv. Or ask your kids to do it when you ground them or for time-out! ;) Happy folding! :) "