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Friday, June 26, 2009

Uses for Empty Wipes Containers

Here are some things that you can use empty wipes tub containers to hold:

-Crayons/pencils/writing utensils
-Spare change at the end of the day
-Small toys
-First aid kit
-Craft supplies
-Plastic bags
-Fabric Softener sheets (and to hold lint too)
-Baby washcloths
-Electrosol tabs
-Make up/nail polish
-Homemade baby wipes/cloth wipes
-Diaper rash creams
-Soak cloth diapers/clothes in before washing
-Hair accessories
-Sewing kit
-Travel size stuff in car (i.e. deodorant, feminine products, etc.)
-Coke/DP/Pepsi caps
-Cookie Cutters
-Cotton balls/Q-tips
-Ziploc/plastic bags
-Bottle nipples
-Teething rings
-Diaper holder (take lid off)
-Trial/sample size products
-Put items you are mailing inside, wrap with postal paper, and the items do not get squished
-Hold seasonings

*Don't forget you can label these too!