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Monday, June 29, 2009

Cute Idea for Plastic Bags

This is the cutest idea ever for storing plastic bags (Thanks Laura for mentioning this!).

It definitely reminds me of the paper footballs I used to make in high school. I normally just use my reusable cloth shopping bags and bring the plastic bags back to the recycling bins at the grocery store, but this is definitely a cute way to store the plastic bags we use for the bathroom garbage and dirty diapers/clothes when we're out and about. Here is the original post over at Cafe Munchkin: Plastic Grocery Bag Origami.

"Here is where we keep our plastic grocery bags. We’ve got loads of it! This little cabinet used to be filled with plastic bags that we can no longer see the back. We even forgot that we kept phone directories here! It was just packed!
It was transformed to this when relatives came to visit us last month.
Tito (Uncle) Kit, hubby’s uncle priest, taught us a method of neatly folding the grocery bags, something he learned from the seminary. And this cabinet looking like this now is his handy work. He folded most of the plastic bags all by himself with very little help from hubby and me. Hee hee. :) Do we follow this method now? As much as we can. :) Or, we simply keep the bags somewhere else. Hahaha!

Here’s the step by step guide to plastic bag folding:

1. Lay the plastic bag likeso on a flat surface with the print on top.

2. Fold it in half.
3. Fold it in half again.
4. Pull up the lower left corner of the bag and fold it in an angle likeso…making a triangle.
5. Work your way up keeping the traingle pattern that you’ve already got going until you reach the bag handles. :)

6. Tuck the bag handles in the pocket on one side of the triangle.
7. Tadaaa!
There. You can do this while watching tv. Or ask your kids to do it when you ground them or for time-out! ;) Happy folding! :) "


purplemonkey said...

Thanks for the great tip! It is amazing how much less space my 'collection' of bags now occupies.