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Monday, June 29, 2009

Best Toddler Bib Ever

When I had my baby shower for my daughter, a friend of mine's mother gave me a few bibs like this. To this day, I still use them and they are my absolute favorite bibs of all time. I wish I was crafty because I'd definitely make more of these. Hopefully, you'll like them as much as I do. Here is the original post over at Cheaper by the Dozen and Get One Free: Valentine's Day Toddler Bib--Easy Instructions

"I found a two pack of Valentine Dish Towels and made this Toddler Bib for my Granddaughter for Valentines Day. Years ago, I found that Hand towels made the most absorbent bibs and saved the kids expensive clothing from stains. It is an easy Sewing Project for even the beginner sewer.
I watch for designer embroidered hand towels on the clearance racks, and often I find that I can pick up amazingly cute holiday bibs for each season. My latest two favorites a Cars and Pink Disney Princess Embroidered Hand Towels I found on clearance for $2.13 each.
This heart towel is from Target in a 2/pack for $3.99. Tomorrow after Valentines Day will be half price. Pastel Hearts will work year round. Total cost for 2 bibs $4.25 and I have found that my bibs last for years. This size will fit a toddler all the way to Kindegarten.

You need.. A hand thick Hand Towel and an 1/8 yard of Coordinating Ribbing, Sewing Machine, and pins.

1. Get a head measurement, I used a piece of ribbon to cut it to size and then found a lid or bowl the correct size. Then I made a pattern of the circle on paper and cut it out.
2. I folded the circle in quarters to find the center, where I made a dot.
3. Take the towel and take the top end, measure down 8 inches on each long side. (That will be top of the bib and will be folded there once the ribbing is placed).
Then fold in half again on to find the middle between the pins and place a pin (8 inches again from the top end). This is the center of the towel. Mark the center spot with a pin or marking pen.
4. Take your paper circle and put the marked center 1/2 inch down from the center pin.
5. Pin paper pattern in place and cut out neck opening.
6. Cut ribbing with one side on the fold (left) a piece 8 inches by 3 1/2 inches wide. Stitch the cut end (right) using l/4 inch seam allowance.
7. Turn Right Side Out and fold in half-- Seam will be in the inside.
8. Then place a pin in the Center Back Ribbing(seam), Center Front, and then with matching the front and back pins, in each side
9. Fold the Towel in half the long way to find the Center Back and the Center Front, Place a pin to mark each spot, then match up the front and back pins to find each of the two sides.
10. Match up the ribbing on to the right side of the towel, matching up the pins. The Center Back pins first.
11. Sew the ribbing to the towel with the ribbing on top with a 1/4inch seam allowance (about the width of the presser foot). Stretch the ribbing into place as you go.
12. Use zig zag stich in the seam allowance to help the ribbing lay flat.
13. Folding the top of the towel down 8 inches (right sides out). Stitch along each side beginning about 7 inches from the top for about an inch along the edge to form the sleeve openings on each side.
This project is easy and with mastering how to put in a ribbing, you can also make a simple baby bib using a cute fingertip guest towel using a smaller ribbing."


purplemonkey said...

I got a few bibs like this at a garage sale recently and I absolutely LOVE them!! Thanks for posting this! :)