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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zoo Trip

Sorry that it took me a few extra days to post this, but it's been hectic. Here's pictures from our zoo trip on Sunday. Lexi loved it, especially the elephants, those are her favorite. We'll definitely be buying a membership, and you sure as heck know that I had coupons for admission, and for the membership LOL

Here's the elephants that Lexi loved so much!

Too bad we couldn't pet them. Maybe we'll go to the circus sometime soon so she can pet them.

I was so scared that this polar bear would fall into the ditch they have to prevent the animals from escaping. His paws were curling on the edge, it was very nerve-wrecking.

Note: No, the polar bear isn't hurt/dead, he's sleeping. It was a very hot day so I don't blame him.

She wasn't so excited about the rhinoceros though.

She loved the train with daddy!

These were the deer and peacocks. Yes, they keep them in the same cage apparently. We also saw some of Santa's reindeer a little later on the trip.

This is the baby leopard, she was so pretty. She kept pacing around her cage.

Turtles, fish, and crocodiles... Oh my! There were a couple red-ish, pink birds, but I can't remember their names.

This is also part of the Zoo's newest exhibit, Rainforest Falls. It was so beautiful, so really humid, and you couldn't bring in strollers. :(

Mommy, Jayden and Lexi. Jayden was amazed by the water.