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Friday, May 15, 2009

3 stores, 3 amazing trips!!

First on my list of the day was Kmart. I was there the other day and saw some Scotch pop-up tapes on clearance for $0.49 each. I remembered seeing a $0.75/1 printable coupon out there so immediately came home to print them, but wasn't able to go back to the store that day. So today I stopped there first. This is how I did:

3 rolls of Scotch Tape (clearanced to $1 each)
19 Scotch pop-up tapes (clearanced to $0.49 each)
-1 $1.50/3 rolls of Scotch tape Q
-12 $0.75/1 Scotch pop-up tape Q's
Subtotal: $10.81 before coupons
Total after coupons and tax: $2.88 (tax was $1.05)

They couldn't figure out how to mark the pop-up tape coupons down so instead they took them at face value and got as close to the amount as possible without going over. Plus, I got a $3 off any purchase coupon for scanning my K'ching card (their new rewards card) so a MM!!!! If anyone knows of any coupons on the Scotch pop-up tape refills, let me know as they were clearanced to $0.59 each. Also, the Scotch contour tape was clearanced for $0.64, I'd love if someone knew about some coupons on these too *hint hint*

Next on my list for the day was Walgreens. I had well over $250 in RR's to spend because of the Bayer contour meters deal this month, and they expired today so I had to use them up. I didn't buy a lot of deals, but instead spent it on things we usually don't get with coupons. Here's how I did:

1 Kodak Digital Camera $99.99
5 Tuf Paper Towels $0.89 each (on sale with in-ad Q for $0.59 each)
2 Slim Jim $1.39 each (hubby came, and so did the kids)
1 Plastic Food Storage Containers 20 pack $5.00
1 6 pack of raisins $1.00
3 York Peppermint patties $0.69 each (on sale for 3/$2.00)
6 Kraft Mac n Cheese crackers $0.59 each (on sale for 2/$1.00)
2 Walgreens paper plates $1.79 each (on sale 2/$3.00)
1 Andes Mints (my favorite!!!) $2.29
10 Ramen Noodle Soup (great fillers!) $0.29 each (on sale for 4/$1.00, 2 rang up $0.29)
1 Cake Pan $6.49
1 Party cups $1.99
2 Kodak Disposable Cameras $7.99 (on sale for $4.99)
2 Neosporin 0.5 oz $5.99 each (gave $4.00 RR)
2 Crystal Light $2.99 (on sale 2/$5.00)
2 Cars for the kids $0.69 each (on sale 2/$1.00)
1 Hawaiian Tropic 50 SPF (we're very fair) $10.99
1 Graphic T-shirt for hubby $7.99 (I don't know why he wanted this)
1 Headphones $7.99
1 Tote bag $5.00
4 Charmin 12 packs clearanced to $5.89
1 Plastic silverware $2.00
5 packs of Pepsi $3.00 (on sale for 5/$12.00 with in-ad Q)
-49 $5 RR's from Bayer deal
-2 $1 Charmin Q's
-2 $1 Neosporin Q's
-1 $2.00 Hawaiian Tropic Q
Subtotal: $292.07 before coupons and sales
Total after coupons and tax: $21.59 ($19.04 was tax) and rec'd a $4 RR for the Neosporin

Some of the items are for trains/exchanges and some are for Jayden's birthday party in 3 weeks.

Next on my list is a local grocery store called Jubilee. This week Duncan Hines brownie mixes are on sale for $0.79 each.

11 boxes of Duncan Hines Brownies $0.79 each
-11 $0.35/1 Duncan Hines Brownies (doubled to $0.70)
Subtotal: $8.69 before coupons
Total after coupons and tax (well in this case no tax): $0.99!!!

So, all in all, I spent $25.46 OOP and saved $464.23 today, plus I have $3 towards Kmart and $4 towards Walgreens! I'll be making some of those $0.09 brownies in the pan that I bought at Walgreens in a few minutes and then relaxing!