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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Target Starts Price Matching on Sunday!

Thanks to couponsdealsandmore for the original post:

There is a forum of Target employees and this was posted yesterday.

Anyone else receive the memo from corporate today?
Some markets have been testing price matching for the past few months, and Target was planning on rolling the program out company-wide mid-August. However, because of a goof in next week’s circular (all markets, supposedly), ALL STORES will begin price matching on THIS Sunday, July 12.

Some key points:
-Guests can only price match for IDENTICAL items (size, model #, color, etc.)
-Guest must have a current, FULL in-store competitor ad in-hand (no single pages, no online print-outs, etc.)
-Target will not price match for % off sales (i.e. If a tv is listed as $799 at Wal-Mart, we can price match to $799. But if Wal-Mart lists the tv as 20% off, we cannot take 20% off the Target price).
-Target will not price match ‘membership’ stores (i.e. Sam’s Club)
-All price matching must be handled at Guest Service. If a guest goes through line and wants to do a price match, the cashier must ring up the item at Target’s price and then direct the guest to Guest Service upon completion.
-Guests can price match up to 7 days after a purchase.