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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Coupon Insert Preview - September 13, 2009

SmartSource #2

Old English Aerosol $.75/1 any (x11/08/09)
Old English product $.75/1 any (x11/08/09)
Blue Diamond 4.38 oz box 100 Calorie 7ct Whole Natural lAlmonds or any one 6 oz can Whole Natural Almonds $.75/1 (x12/31/09)
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk $.55/1 (x12/31/09)
Dole Fruit Bowls Sugar Free Gel $1/1 (x11/30/09)
V8 Splash or Smoothie $1/2 (x10/25/09)
Campbell’s Condensed Soups $.40/2 (excludes Chicken Noodle, Tomato and Creams) (x12/15/09)
Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soups $.40/4 (x12/15/09)
Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup $.40/2 (10/25/09)
Swanson White Premium Chunk Chicken Breast Can $.50/2 (x11/15/09)
Welch’s 64 oz Refrigerated Juice or Juice Cocktail $.75/1 (1/15/10)
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Pourable $.75/1 (x10/12/09)
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Pourable $.75/1 (x10/12/09)
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Trigger or Plus Bleach $.75/1 (x10/12/09)
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes $1/1 (x10/12/09)
Lysol Bathroom Cleaner or Mildew Remover $.75/1 (x10/12/09)
Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner $.50/1 (x10/12/09)
Birds Eye Steamfresh Lightly Sauced Vegetables and Pasta $.50/1 (x10/24/09)
Birds Eye Steamfresh $.35/1 any variety (x10/24/09)
Birds Eye Steamfresh Meals $1.50/1 (x10/24/09)
Pert Plus $2/1 25.4 oz or Larger (Family Size) (x10/31/09
Pert Plus or Pert Plus for Men 12 oz or larger $1/1 (x10/31/09)
Rubbermaid TakeAlongs $1/2 (x11/15/09)
Breyers YoCrunch Multipack Yogurt ($.75/1 (x12/06/09)
Breyers Swirled Lowfat Yogurt Disney Multipack $.75/1 (x12/6/09)
Breyers Yogurt Inspirations Lowfat Yogurt 4 Pack $.50/1 (x12/6/09)
Hormel Refrigerated Entree $1/1 (x11/30/09)
French’s French Fried Onions $.50/1 6 oz (x10/25/09)
Resolve $1/1 any (x10/25/09)
Resolve Deep Clean Powder $1/1 (x10/25/09)
Spray ‘n Wash $.50/1 any (x10/25/09)

SmartSource #1

Ensure 6-pack $1/1 (x11/15/09)
EAS Myoplex $1/1 (x11/15/09)
Glucerna $2.50/2 any (x11/15/09)
ZonePerfect Single Bar or Multi-Count Box $.55/1 (x11/15/09)
Bumble Bee 4 oz Prime Fillet Pouch $1/1 (x12/31/09)
Bumble Bee 5 oz Sensations Seasoned Tuna Medley Bowl $1/1 (x12/31/09)
Bumble Bee 2.5 or 5 oz Premium Tuna Pouches $.55/1 (x12/31/09)
Reynolds Wrap $.75/1 (excluding 20, 25 and 30 sq ft) (x10/11/09)
Reynolds Wrap $.30/1 30 sq ft. (x10/11/09)
GoGurt Yogurt $.75/2 (x11/7/09)
Mentos Gum $.55/1 any (x12/31/09) (5-DND)
Nature Valley Granola Bars $.40/1 box (x11/7/09)
Fiber One Chewy Bars $.40/1 box (x11/7/09)
Chex Mix Bars $.50/1 box (x11/7/09)
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands Sweet Rolls $.50/2 (x12/5/09)
Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls $.50/2 (x12/5/09)
Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads $.50/2 (x12/5/09)
Chex Mix 4.5 oz or larger, includes 100 Calorie Snack $.50/2 (x11/7/09)
Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups or Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Stickerz Fruit Flavored Snacks $.50/2 (x11/7/09)
Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls or Minis $.50/1 (x11/7/09)
Pillsbury Simply Refrigerated Cookie Dough $1/1 (x12/5/09)
Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough $1/2 (x12/5/09)
Pillsbury Special Edition Cinnabon Cookie $.55/1 (x12/5/09)
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 17.5 oz or larger $.40/1 (x11/7/09)
Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters $1/1 (x11/7/09)
Hamburger Helper, Tuna Hellper or Chicken Helper $.75/3 (x11/7/09)
Betty Crocker Box or Pouch Potatoes (except Potato Buds) $.25/1 (x11/7/09)
Poise Pantiliners $1.50/2 (x10/25/09)
Poise Pads $1.50/2 (x10/25/09)
Almay Cosmetics $1.1 any from the Smart Shade Collection (x10/18/09)
Colgate Total $1/1 (x10/3/09)
Egg lands Best Eggs $.35/1 (x12/31/09)
Egg land’s Best cage Free Dozen or Organic Dozen Eggs $.35/1 (x12/31/09)
Egg land’s Best Hard-Cooked & Peeled Eggs $.35/1 (x12/31/09)
Schick Disposable Razor Package $1/1 any (x10/25/09)
Schick Quattro Disposable Razor Package $1/1 (x10/25/09)
Revlon Color Cosmetic Product $1/1 (x10/18/09)
Arm & Hammer Laundry Products $1/2 (x11/15/09)
Arm & Hammer Total 2-in-1 Moist Dryer Cloths $1/1 (x11/15/09)
Duncan Hines Whole Grain Muffin Mix $.55/1 (x1/31/10)
MidNite or MidNite PM $1/1 any (x6/30/10)
Air Wick Scented Oil i-Motion Starter Kit $4/1 (x10/25/09)
Air wick Freshmatic Compact i-Motion Starter Kit $4/1 (x10/25/09)
Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra i-Motion Starter Kit $6/1 (x10/25/09)
Freschetta Pizza Naturally Rising, PizzAmore Original Crust, PizzAmore Fire Baked, Brick Oven or Flatbread $1/1 (x11/15/09) (5-DND)
Similasan Dry Eye Relief/Allergy Eye Relief $3/1 (x12/31/09)
Scott Naturals Bath Tissue Four or more rolls ($1/1 (x10/25/09)
Scott naturals Paper Towels Six or more rolls $1/1 (x10/25/09)
Tyson Heat-and-Eat Entrée 17 oz $.75/1 (x12/12/09)
Tyson Refrigerated Chicken or Steak Strips Product $.55/1 (x12/12/09)
Land O Lakes Seasoning $1/1 (x1/31/10) (5-DND)
Hershey’s Kisses $1/1 any (x11/30/09)
Gortons Fish Products $.40/1 any (x11/12/09)
Airborne $1/1 any (x11/12/09)
Dulcolax Laxative Tablets $1/1 tablets or suppositories $12/31/09)
Dulcolax Stool Softener $1/1 (x12/31/09)
Dannon Yogurt 6 oz single-serve cups $1/10 (x2/13/09)
Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings $.75/1 (x12/31/09)
Sweet Sue Poultry Products $.75/1 (x12/31/09)

RedPlum 1 (Thanks to MrCoupon on WeUseCoupons.com)
Smart Balance Buttery Spreads $1/2 (x10/11/09)
Smart Balance Butter Blend Sticks $1.50/1 (x10/11/09)
Temptations Cat Treats $1/1 (x10/24/09)
Tropicana Trop50 $1/1 59 oz (x11/15/09)
Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts $.55/1 (x11/8/09)
Combos Snacks Bags $1/2 (x11/15/09)
Sparkle Paper Towels $1/1 2-giant roll or larger (x12/31/09)
Angel Soft $.50/1 4-double roll or larger (x12/31/09)
Whiskas Dr Cat Food $1/1 2.7 lb or larger (x11/08/09)
Whiskas Multipack Cat Food $1/1 (x11/08/09)
Tylenol Sinus $1/1 any (ets) (x12/31/09)
Tylenol Sinus, Cold, Cough or Allergy $3/2 (ets) (x12/31/09)
Scotties $.50/3 boxes or 1 multipack (x12/31/09)
Zyrtec Itchy Dry Drops $4/1 0.17 fl oz (x12/6/09)
Zyrtec $2.50/1 14 ct tablets (x12/6/09)
Zyrtec $4/1 30 ct or larger (x12/6/09)
Tylenol Cold, Sore Throat, or Severe $1/1 (ets) (x12/31/09)
Tylenol Extra Strength (ets) $1/1 (x12/31/09)
Tylenol Plus Children’s (ets) $1/1 (x12/31/09)
Imodium $1/1 (ets) (12/29/09)
Aussie $2/2 any (ets) (x10/31/09)
Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Product, or Haircolor $1/1 (ets) (x10/31/0)
Olay facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser $1/1 (x10/31/09)
Pantene Expressions or Restoratives ($1/1 (ets) (x10/31/09)
Oral-B Pulsar Manual Toothbrush single pack BOGO (x10/31/09)
Crisco Olive Oil $.75/1 (5-DND) (x12/31/09)
Smuckers $.55/2 any (x12/31/09)
Flex-a-min Joint Care $6/1 any (x10/27/09)
Scotch Fur Fighter $4/1 any (x12/31/09)
Scotch Hair or Lint Removal Product $1/1 (ets) (x12/31/09)
Caribou Coffee $2/1 12 oz (5-DND) (x12/31/09)
Pedigree Good Bites Treats for Dogs $1/1 (x11/08/09)

RedPlum 2
Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough $1/1 any (x11/1/09)
Nestle Toll House Morsels $.50/1 any (x11/1/09)
Nescafe Tasters Choice $.50/1 stick pack carton, 20 ct or larger (x12/31/09)
Lean Cuisine $1/3 (x12/31/09)
Hot Pockets (Pizzeria Line) $.50/1 (x12/06/09)
Advil PM 16 ct or larger $1/1 (x10/31/09)
Advil Cold & Sinus or Allergy Sinus $1/1 (x11/30/09)
Degree Absolute Protection, Clinical Protection, Fine Fragrance or Ultra Clear $1.50/2 (x12/6/09)
Degree (not including Absolute, Ultra Clear, Fine Fragrance or Clinical) $1/2 (x12/6/09)
State Fair $.55/1 any (5-DND) (x11/15/09)
Ragu $.75/2 any (x11/08/09)
Country Crock Side Dishes $1/1 (x11/8/09)
Suave Body Washes B2G1 Free (up to $2) (x12/6/09)
Suave Body Lotion 18 oz or larger $.75/1 (x12/6/09)
Purina One Dry Dog or Cat Food $3/1 any size any variety (x10/13/09)
Purina One B1 13 oz can Wholesome Entrée Dog Food G1 Free (x10/13/09)
Fancy Feast Appetizers BOGO (to $1.50) (x12/31/09)
Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys $1/6 (x12/31/09)
Purina Naturals Cat Chow or Healthful Life 3 lb or larger $1.50/1 (x11/13/09)
Purina Carvers Dog Snacks $1/1 (x12/31/09)
Purina Friskies Selects BOGO (to $.92) (x12/31/09)
Hardees Coupons (various)