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Friday, August 28, 2009

Freebies at Victoria's Secret

Anyone that knows me knows I love VS! I actually used to work there a few years back. Well, there's a few freebies you can print out and head over to VS to pick up, some are no purchase necessary and some require a purchase... but I recently found out about a really cheap product to help take care of that frugal side (scroll down to find out)!

Free 1 oz. Victoria's Secret Pink Body Lotion (no purchase required) expires 9/7/09

Free Beauty Rush Lip Gloss (with any in store purchase) NED

Free Lace Trim Thong
(with any Pink purchase) expires 9/2/09

Free Pink Beauty Travel Kit (with any Pink purchase, you have to sign up for Pink Nation to receive this coupon) not sure of expiration date

Two Free VS Panties (with any in store purchase) expires 9/1/09

Now, I promised to tell you of that super cheap item that they sell... it's a Pink lollipop for $1.50! Some people have mentioned on other sites about buying the lollipop and getting all of the freebies for $1.50! Your store may let you, but I know I'd have to purchase a lollipop for each individual free item, which still isn't bad for these freebies!

Happy shopping!


wonaday said...

Julie this is the best posting for VS I have ever seen! Heading to VS today for the lip gloss and 2 panties! Wow! I picked up everything else last week. Haven't seen these other 2 deals anywhere! Yeah! Thanks!

wonaday said...

Julie..got here from CDM.