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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swagbucks is Awesome!

I know I've spoken a few times about Swagbucks, but I just needed to post about how awesome they are! They've recently upped the amounts of Swagbucks that you can win while searching. Yesterday I won 39 SB and today I won 47!! In 2 days, I'm almost a quarter of the way towards another $5 Amazon gift card!

So, if you haven't joined SwagBucks yet, you should!

SwagBucks.com is a site where you earn "digital dollars" for different things like searches, watching videos, daily polls, submitting poll ideas, etc. I highly recommend signing up! It's completely free and paying for my kids' Christmas presents as I sit here!

*Every time you've seen the word Swagbucks in this post, it's a clickable link (through my referral) to the swagbucks site. Full disclosure, please don't hate me.